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Seeker. Religiously & spiritually queer, as in profoundly not fitting into normal/mainstream religious/spiritual categories despite trying. I seem to have been born this way. I am comfortable in Jungian & post-Jungian depth psychology, but miss community & worship. I am most comfortable in eucharistic/sacramental/liturgical community. Episcopal is closest, but after reading Saving Paradise: How Christianity Traded Love of This World for Crucifixion and Empire by Parker and Nakashima Brock, I can't abide most of the "orthodox" theology and resulting reflection after Abelard. I am seeking a sort of community practice of Beauty & Love that is flexible but grounded in Sacred Substance that does not have too many turds, like atonement theology, in the punchbowl. UU churches are unfortunately not quite it either. So many there are religious refugees who are eschewing so many different punch-bowl turds that the thimbleful portions leave me still thirsty. Nomad. 

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