8 Points of Process Theology

by Jay McDaniel

  1. Everything is in process; reality is flowing; nothing ever stays the same.
  2. All things are interconnected; no human is an island; things are present in one another even as they have their autonomy.
  3. The whole of nature has value; all live beings deserve respect; human beings are not the sole repository of value.
  4. Human beings find happiness in sharing experiences with others; there are no isolated egos; all selves are selves-in-relation; humans become whole through reciprocity.
  5. The essence of the universe is a continuous creativity of which all things are expressions; there is creativity in plants and animals, hills and rivers, trees and stars.
  6. All beings seek harmony as their guiding ideal; harmony includes differences; the whole of the universe is a harmony of harmonies.
  7. Thinking and emotion cannot be sharply separated; mind and body are not two; even thinking is a form of feeling; aesthetic wisdom and rational inquiry are complementary.
  8. Every moment of human experience begins, not with projecting things onto the world or even acting in the world, but with feeling the presence of the world and being affected by it.