A Community of Communities

The Process & Faith community aims to be as egalitarian, non-hierarchical, and collaborative as possible. Its operations are facilitated through a partnership between the Center for Process Studies and the Cobb Institute, but furthering its vision and mission is a shared responsibility, so decisions are made in consultation and collaboration with fellow community members and teams.

What is our organizational structure?

  • A core leadership team to support, coordinate, and facilitate matters that relate to the entire community of communities.
  • Teams that represent a variety of traditions that each work on their own initiatives and engage in dialogue with other teams.
  • An advisory board consisting of team leaders and representatives from different faith traditions.
  • Individual community members who are part of the network.

We recognize that the needs of each person and path are unique, so we encourage every member and team to contribute in their own ways that foster beauty, creativity, harmony, and zest.

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