Sheri D. Kling, Ph.D., Director

Sheri D. Kling, Ph.D., is director of Process & Faith and interim minister of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Bradenton, FL. Sheri earned her Ph.D. in Religion: Process Studies from Claremont School of Theology. She is a theologian, teacher, songwriter, and spiritual mentor who draws from wisdom and mystical traditions, relational worldviews, depth psychology, and the intersection of spirituality and science to help people find meaning, belonging, and transformation. Sheri is a faculty member of the Haden Institute, adjunct faculty with Claremont School of Theology, and the author of A Process Spirituality: Christian and Transreligious Resources for Transformation. She regularly delivers dynamic “Music & Message” presentations to groups, and offers courses, concerts, and spiritual retreats. She may be found online at


A Message From Our Director

I am honored to have joined the Center for Process Studies as Director of this exciting multifaith network for relational spirituality and the common good. As a graduate of Claremont School of Theology’s doctoral program in process studies, I have been a part of the process world for a few years now. It is a joy to return to this particular community – and to my alma mater – in a professional capacity.

As a theologian, I have observed our world become more and more fragmented – at all levels – and so the need is great for integration and reconnection. The re-binding back to wholeness is the traditional realm of wisdom traditions and spiritual practices. Yet even those who do not affiliate with organized religion seem to be hungry for ways of understanding, experiencing, and living that are whole-making and that contribute to the flourishing of all. This is the unique perspective that we offer in the process community.

My hope for Process & Faith is that we can grow our community with people who are interested in learning with, from, and about each other – both those who follow the same spiritual path and those on different paths. We will work to foster transformative relationships that enable us to experience positive change and facilitate creative transformation in the world. My role will be to support the work we do in educational offerings, interfaith collaborations, and resource creation and to bring whatever gifts I have to offer to expand this work. I hope you’ll visit our P&F Community Page to join us.