Beltane is a time to celebrate the rites of spring with frolicking, fun, and expressions of love.


Beltane is a Celtic word which means 'fires of Bel' (Bel was a Celtic deity). It is a fire festival that celebrates of the coming of summer and the fertility of the coming year.
Traditionally celebrated to acknowledge during the midpoint between spring and summer (May 1st), this period marks the planting time and is recognized as a time of peak fertility. We are now halfway between the Spring Equinox & the Summer Solstice.
During Beltane, we honor the God and Goddess of spring represented by a handfasting, or marriage ceremony. The story goes that the lovers were separated all winter and are reunited in Springtime. Today, we celebrate their reunion during Beltane with food, drink, and multi-colored maypoles, which symbolize female energies wrapping themselves around the male form.



Together the May Queen and the May King are symbols of the Sacred Marriage, the union of Earth and Sky, and this union has merrily been re-enacted by humans throughout the centuries. It is about sexuality and sensuality, passion, vitality and joy. And about conception. A brilliant moment in the Wheel of the Year to bring ideas, hopes and dreams into action.

Queen of the May
The Chase

“We too can begin a new life, one that brings satisfaction and enrichment, whether this is by singing, dancing, running through the waves, walking barefoot on the grass or making love under the stars. Perhaps your dreams are greater than this, or perhaps more conservative, but whatever they are, Beltane is a wonderful time for expressing who you truly are.” ― Carole Carlton, Mrs Darley's Pagan Whispers: A Celebration of Pagan Festivals, Sacred Days, Spirituality and Traditions of the Year


A Druid Beltane Ritual

Herald: Prologue

We celebrate the height of spring and the flowering of life. The Goddess is manifest in colorful flora. The God emerges with the sun and Jack in the Green.

They inspire the Queens of May

Flowers grow erect and wrapped in color. Come, to Beltane the festival of flowers, life, sensuality, and delight!






Herald:  By the power of Birch, Yew and Oak; by the power of the land within and without; by all that is fair and free, welcome to the Fire Festival of Beltane, the birth of summer.



West:  We have come from East and West, North and South to be here together today; may we all join hands.


3 Breaths:  Let us take three breaths…

Together, with the Earth Beneath us…

Together, with the Sea around us…

Together, with the Sky above us…


North:  With the blessings of Earth, Sea and Sky, may our ceremony begin (All release hands).


Call to Spirit: O Great Goddess of Earth, Goddess of the spring, O Great God of Sun, God of the seed…We greet and honor you, and ask for your blessings on this, our Festival of May. Spirits of this place, spirits of this circle, Ancestors of family and of tradition, we ask for your blessings, on this, your Festival of Beltane


Knight of the host calls Peace to the Quarters: (Light the peace candle) we need peace and compassion in this country more than ever. We will have peace in this moment, in this ritual, among our grove. We will use our will to send Peace beyond time and place to fill in the darks places. May the Great Ones shine above our center and our circle.  Let us begin by giving peace to the quarters, for without peace, no work can be. (Moving to salute each direction in turn, crossing the center of the circle, and then returning to the place in the West)

May there be peace in the North…

May there be peace in the South…

May there be peace in the West…

May there be peace in the East.

(Turn to face the Center)

ALL: May there be peace throughout the whole world.


Pendragon:  Since it is now known that there is peace, we may begin our work, trusting in the clear vision that comes from inner harmony with the Goddess, God and Spirits of Truth.  On this great mountain, where our rite is held, this sacred place reflects the truth from many mirrors; and in the faces that encompass this Sacred Circle.


The Druid’s Prayer:  Repeat after me.

Grant O Spirit/Great Spirit/God(s)/Goddess(s), thy protection.

And in protection, strength,

And in strength, understanding,

And in understanding, knowledge,

And in knowledge, the knowledge of rightness,

And in the knowledge of rightness, the love of it,

And in the love of it, the love of all existences,

And in the love of all existences, the love of Spirit/Great Spirit/God(s)/Goddess(s) and all goodness.


Herald:  Let us give the gift of Awen

ALL: chant 3 Awens

Herald:  Let all disturbing thoughts be laid aside.

Crone:  This is the circle of our horizon – of our lives and lands – of time and of the year – of seasons and of goodness -  of birth and of growing -  and in this season of pleasure and new life!

Pendragon:  As this circle is cast, the enchantment of the apparent world subsides.  We stand together in the eye of the sun, by the light of the stars, here and now, between past and future.  With the earth below us, the heavens above us, and this circle and forest around us, this is truly sacred time. This is truly sacred space.

Herald:  Now let us consecrate this circle with Water and Fire.

Water Bearer:  (Starting in the West; moving sunwise) May our circle be purified and blessed with the Element of Water.

Fire Bearer:  (Starting in the South; moving sunwise) May our circle be purified and blessed with the Element of Fire.

Pendragon:  We gather as equals in our physical form here upon the Earth.  East presence is a blessing, and with every breath we take, we breathe light and life into this circle.

Knight of the Host:  Let the four directions be honored this night, that their power be with us, and there power be brought to the circle

East:  (Turning and facing outwards) – With the blessings of the Hawk of Dawn soaring in the clear pure air, we call upon the powers of the East.

South:  (Turning and facing outwards) – With the blessings of the Great Stag in the heat of the chase, and the inner fire of the sun, we call upon the powers of the South.

West:  (Turning and facing outwards) – With the blessings of the Salmon of Wisdom, who dwells within the sacred waters of the pool, we call upon the powers of the West.

North:  (Turning and facing outwards) – With the blessings of the Great Bear of the Starry Heavens and the deep and fruitful Earth, we call upon the powers of the North.

All four then turn into the center. Everyone cast the circle by walking sunwise to drums and flute.

ALL:  May the harmony of our circle be complete.

Herald: let us call to the God and Goddess

Crone: Indeed they are with us now, look at what always was, is and will be.

God: Indeed I am ever present.

Goddess Indeed I live within the earth and all living things


The Rite

Lighting the Beltane fire- God and the Goddess light the fires


Pendragn: The God and Goddess bring with them the spring.

They tilt the Earth towards the Sun as they sing the song of the Universe.

In our Northern Hemisphere creatures find their mates.

Bees tickle the flowers.

Birds sing the sun awake.

The balance was opened within us at the Equinox.

Our hearts beat in time to the music of life and in turn,

We are pulled forward in the spiral.

In life’s longing for itself!

Come forth Queens of the May!


Goddess: Come Forth Queens of the May!

God: come forth , come forth!

All: (choose any line and whisper it repeatedly building in voice, King and Queen come to meet in center only when they feel enough energy from the group. Two chairs sit in the center Back to back in which they will sit)

Come forth to the climax of spring,

Come forth, come forth

In love, come forth

In pleasure, come forth

In mating, come forth

In ecstasy come forth

First Queen: I turn myself to the left, I bend toward the moon. I open myself to the Goddess within me

I turn to the right, I bend toward the Sun. I open myself to the God within me

Second Queen: I turn myself to the left, I bend toward the moon. I open myself to the Goddess within me

I turn to the right, I bend toward the Sun. I open myself to the God within me

(God and the Goddess crown the Queens of May)

Goddess- Upon these women I bestow the Crown of May, within you are the changes of the moon. Wear your crown but hold tight to the strength within you

God- Upon these women I bestow the Crown of May, within you is the fire of the sun. Wear your crown but hold tight to the softness in you.

God and Goddess: In the magic that is ludus, in the poem that is spring, awaken and see with loves eyes.

Go to the directional altars starting in the east and receive your blessing


North:  receive flowers

West: drink from one chalice

South: light one candle from two flames

East: sing or play a love song


Herald: Let the courtship begin in the diversity and variety of nature this spring time


Goddess: Reach for me and I am yours

Taste me and I’ll dance on your lips forever

Love me and you will know yourself

God: I take you and you are mine.

I touch you and taste your nectar.

In loving me, I teach you to love yourself

 (Queens stand)

God (To the Queens) Do you feel the eagerness of spring?

Queen 1: Woman, take my hand, to the hay field,

Queen 2: to the marriage bed!

Queen 1: my lady you have grown bold!

Queen2: Come to the fields with me!


Goddess: I teach you how to pray

pray like this

press your hand to mine

press you lips to mine

press your body to mine

this is prayer

All act of love and pleasure are my ritual



Herald: Jump the fire! To the maypole! Come all, be ye with or without mate, man to woman, woman to woman, man to man. We celebrate with the earth in her diversity and her awakened state!

Love is in the air!


Jump the Beltane fire

(Or walk between the cauldrons)

Song for the strengthening sun- peace rocks


Herald: Beltane fires come in many different forms! They begin with the fires within.

In this season the sap is rising . . . not only in the trees and birds and bees, but in humans as well. The whole Earth seems to be rising up in joyful celebration







Dance of the May Pole





The Closing


Druid of the Festival:  It is the hour of recall.  As the firelight dies down, may it be relit in our hearts.  May our memories hold what the eye and ear have gained.


Pendragon:  May we all hold hands for the Druid’s Prayer for Peace…


ALL: (Repeat 3 times, pausing between each)


We swear by peace and love to stand,

Heart to Heart and Hand in Hand.

Mark, O Spirit, and hear us now,

Confirming this, our sacred vow.


ALL: Chant Cascading Awens:  Begin when the Pendragon raises the staff.  And finish the last 3, when the staff is raised once again.  The power of Awen will decide the length of our chanting.


Herald:  May the Spirits of the Four Directions be thanked for their blessings and attendance at our Festival.


North:  In the name of the Great Bear of the Starry Heavens and the element of Earth, We thank the powers of the North.


West:  In the name of the Salmon of Wisdom and the element of Water, we thank the powers of the West.


South:  In the name of the Great Stag and the element of Fire, we thank the powers of the South.


East:  In the name of the Hawk of Dawn and the element of Air, we thank the powers of the East.


ALL: (Turn and face the Center of the Circle) May the harmony of the land be complete.


Pendragon:  (Uncast the Circle).


Crone:  May the blessings of the Goddess/God/Spirits of this place and of the Ancestors be always with us.  May their inspiration now and forever be part of our spirit.  May Awen guide you; may Nwyfre fill you, now and forever more.


Herald: (ALL: Repeat after Herald.)

This Gorsedd ends in peace, as in peace it began.

Let us now withdraw in peace,

and may there be peace outward and inward,

until we meet again.


Pendragon:  I declare this fire Rite of Beltane

is closed.  Awen and Ioho; May their inspiration continue within our beings.