The Crowning of the Bard

A Bard is a tribal poet-singer skilled in composing and reciting verses on heroes and their deeds. The Bard can work magic with words. A Bard was a type of Druid who kept the stories, history, music and poetry of the people. 

The word Eisteddfod means a "sitting". The word may find it's origin in the award of a hand-carved chair that is traditionally given to the best poet or Bard in the Eisteddfod ceremony. The National Eisteddfod of Wales dates back to 1176 when it is said that the first Eisteddfod was held.

An Eisteddfod is a festival or a sharing of poetry and music. It is a celebration and display of creativity and the arts. The Bard is the artist of verse and color. 

In both paganism and process thought, creativity is how the world "becomes."  Creativity is another way to say, "magic." 

An Arch Druid ceremoniously unsheathes a sword at an Eisteddfod proclamation ceremony. (core number: ANB0808L)

Nature Girl: The Bard Poems- Kathleen Reeves


Grandmother Sycamore

ancient crone

extending east


north and south


no longer reaching

for sky

as she did at birth


caressing earth


tired from

weight of years

pulling down

branch arms


into cradles

to hold spirit children

who climb

easily into her lap


I hold her

with ear against bark

and listen


to the wisdom of

243 years




Abandon your house

Leave your car

on the highway  doors open wide as wings


into the forest

cast off your name

strip away everything you have learned


your books in the wild

read the grass and the hollyhocks

Shave away layers of belief


religion like dry leaves

forget about God

In favor of rich soil


your hands into earth

Leave there your sparkle rings and gems

give them back even in their corrupted form


yourself with dirt and forget your color

your ancestors

imaginary boarder lines


cloth from your limbs

nude in mind and body


into dark earth


yourself into the roots at the foot of a sycamore and gestate

be born wet and empty into a world of fungi and worms

Wrap in a blanket of forest floor

Climb naked and dirty into tree branches

Sit with her and know her as sister

Gaze up into the canopy

past heads of tree brothers

into the blue eyes

of the universe

Midwife of your rebirth


Song For Pele    By Kathleen Reeves

Hawaiian lava field after dark


Come sing a forest

or beach into existence

kiss rocks and touch

me or earth, it is

the same

watch evening rise

with white orb


black hawk wakes me

from forgotten days

into dreams becoming

ballerinas upon the volcano


perhaps flamenco dancers

passionate thumping

their way  forward, out

of day fearless

in the night


When trees

of my bones

rise, ache heavy

from flesh I say

come with open eyes

come whirl- winding

stroll my dust

around lava fields


So I can see

how the Koa does

and the honeycreeper is

when you fall

with sunset


lie with me here

under canvas

where we can watch

the lava glow

in the closing of night

and know how morning breaks


Whale Watching  

Tiny boat

on the ocean

rises and falls

like the breath

in my chest


the hump

of the gray

whale crests,

curls back deep

into darkness

before she rises


again, a blast

loud, wet, together

we exhale

all that must

be cast out


expel with power

spouts of salt,

water and air

inhale life

tail fluke


slaps the waves

calls to my

ancient soul

sister whale

descends, deeper


I follow


Making Love

I step outside naked

I am touched everywhere

my body awakens

yesterday it rained

my feet rest in the wet grass

I feel air, wind pushing against me

pushing the clouds away

I remain


heat of the sun warms my skin

dries the earth it so recently


a bee lands on my shoulder

I feel the tickle of feet

but resist the urge to brush it away

it leaves soon enough

for the orange poppy

a tiny sun in its own universe

this is nature making love to me

this is what I have forgotten




I forget to notice

but every day

is another chance


to remember

the soil is holy

that I am not separate

from the seasons

I move in a spiral


like the earth

nothing is fixed

I surge forward

yet I come round

again to a new place

somehow different


for what is a spiral

but a circle

with novelty





Rhymes From  a Solitary Witch - By Jean Coats


Personal Dedication

By Earth and Air and Fire and Water

Lady know I am your daughter

Let me know and let me see…

Teach your magic ways to me

Through tears of sorrow, joy, and laughter

All my life is yours, hereafter


Personal Dedication II

Lady of the Moon and Sea

Goddess of the Earth and Water

Shine your silver light on me

Your lost, but new found daughter


Long I’ve sought, not knowing what I seek

Moonlight holding me in thrall

Waxing and waning from week to week

I’ve listened to your ancient call


I’d hear it on some moon dark night,

When un-love filled my heart with scorn

When all was ugly in my sight

And I sometimes wished I’d not been born.


Then “Come to me, I call to thee”

Would echo in my soul

But I knew not who summoned me,

Or whither I should go


But now, I know, I’ve found a way

Guided by your ancient song

Within your circle let me stay

Here at last, where I belong


To my heart, the way is clear

Lady, I will follow, free!

Your song, your call is what I hear

Your love and care surrounding me

Wondrous Lady of the Moon,

Magic Mistress of the night

I have found you none too soon

Guide me with your shining light

Personal Dedication III


Lady of the Moon and Heaven

Youthful Maiden, Mother, Crone

I have no need for clan or coven

By your leave, I seek alone

Until my love and skill are proven

I would choose to work as one.

I need to hear no other voice,

You are the one who calls to(teaches)me

Freely, I have made this choice

I am content and solitary


Invocation 2002

My Lady see, the flame burns clear

Your altar all in readiness

Let me feel your presence here

My heart and soul to bless

For within my heart is a secret place

Where no one else but you may go

Where no one else but you may know

The secrets that lie hidden there

Here at my whirlwind life’s quiet center

Lady, I await for you to enter


A Poem for Samhain


This is the time when the veil is thin

Do you wish to visit the other side?

And if not enter, at least peek in

To see beyond that sheer divide?


So many questions, so little time

Samhain comes but once a year

At the sound of the midnight chime

Are spirits really drawing near?


Part the veil and bid them come

And silently they will appear

For just this night they hurry home

For just tonight their way is clear


So now we raise a sacred shrine

To honor those whom we hold dear,

Put out the cakes and pour the wine!

To welcome them and bid good cheer


Loved ones welcome, gather near

Your table is set in readiness

Honor us by your presence here

Our sacred rites to bless


And once the holy time is o’er

You must return from whence you came

Passing through that veiled door

To wait for Samhain yet again

Magic Circle


We gather in a forest glade

Or by the ocean’s surging tide

Beneath a magic oaken shade

Or mountain meadow green and wide


We place our altar on a stone

Candles gleaming in the night

Invoke the Maiden, Mother, Crone

And dance beneath the Moon’s bright light


Then cast the magic circle round

To shelter in its sacred space

We’ll learn of secrets vast, profound

Enfolded by our Lady’s grace


What we do now, was done before

Long ago when time was new

We join those, now, from times of yore

In worship, Lady unto you



Though still sharp, there’s softness in the air

Hawks are soaring, hear their cry

Daffodils are blooming fair

An aching blue fills the sky.

Often there is the hint of rain

The hills are turning green again

Can you feel the turning of the year?

Hush, hush, Ostara’s near.



Dryad Song

A wall of forest looms above

Low and sweet the blackbird sings

A sparkling brook makes melody

Sweet scents the breezes bring

Here calls to me from mighty oak

The horned owl in spotted hood

Glorious-moon shines over me

Shadows shelter in this great wood

Sisters of the trees are we

Sharing in their hallowed lore

Here our ancient Mother speaks

As she did in times before (days of yore)


Song of the Goddess


I am the Three-fold Goddess, boundless eternal

All creation worships me, Primal force maternal



Chaste Goddess of the Moon am I

Lady of all magic spells

The winds exalt my name on high

The morning rose my story tells

Crescent moon upon my brow

My feet rest among the stars

A field am I, untouched by plough

Mysterious, new, unfathomed, far



I am the Mother, fertile, fair

Clothed in wonder of the Earth

All growing things are in my care

I rule the miracle of birth

Lady of the ripened grain,

By me the tides of Earth are ruled

Winter snow and Summer rain,

All seasons are by me controlled



I am the wheel, shadow of the Moon

The darkness of death is my domain

Yet the wonder of birth is also my boon

Hecate and Cerridwen are of my names

Worship me as the Ancient Crone

Seek me in the Moon’s dark hour

At crossroads or standing stone

I control all nature’s secret power


Triple Goddess

Goddess of the Moon and Sea

My names and strengths are manifold

Magic and power pour forth from me

Secrets of wisdom and peace I hold

Eternal Maiden, Mother, Crone

I welcome all who turn to me

Shadow, Crescent and Full Moon

To all my children, blessings be            After Scott Cunningham


Credo(Taken from various sources and used as a daily mantra)


I am a witch

I will love and harm none

Will live, die, and live again

I will meet remember and know

And embrace once more


I am a witch

Let this day be filled with hope and cheer

Let only truth and joy and love come near

With blessings given and received

I walk in peace in word and deed