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Beauty in a Time of Lament with Jay McDaniel and Patricia Adams Farmer (Process & Faith Twin Cities)

May 23, 2022 @ 2:36 pm PDT

We live in difficult and trying times . . .

Process theology offers us the idea that, even in the worst of times, there dwells within the human heart and within nature a lure toward beauty: soul beauty, natural beauty, moral beauty, artistic beauty, and tragic beauty. In each instance what makes beauty “beautiful” is not that it is necessarily happy, although sometimes it is; but rather that it is inherently attractive, meaning giving, and, in a certain way, refreshing. Beauty gives the soul peace, hope, and the energy to carry on.

McDaniel and Farmer will share their views and invite yours on the many forms of beauty, including musical beauty and the beauty of landscapes and waterways, animals and plants, as they offer opportunities for touching God and moving forward, no matter how trying the times.

Discussion Leaders

Jay McDaniel is Executive Director of the Cobb Institute for Community and Practice and author of several books, including What is Process Thought? Seven Answers to Seven Questions. His website, openhorizons.org, features many articles and images at the intersection of process and beauty.

Patricia Adams Farmer is a process theologian, minister, and writer with a special focus on beauty. She is the author of Embracing a Beautiful God, Fat Soul: A Philosophy of S-I-Z-E, Replanting Ourselves in Beauty, Beauty and Process Theology, and two theological novels.

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