By Connie Tuttle

My spiritual community gathered this Sunday to listen for Godde.

We created space with time and silence to listen for Sacred leading.

We’ve been through a lot together this past year and are now experiencing the blessing and curse of uncertainty. Not that most of life isn’t uncertain but most of the time we remain blissfully unaware.

I have found was that uncertainty can be the fissure that opens us to the heart of Godde. When I let go of my assumptions, however small, my world cracks open to Godde’s limitless possibilities.

As we listened together I began to hear Godde with my body. We started with a question, an extended time of silence and the invitation to empty our minds. The minutes ticked and I reminded myself to empty my busy mind. Over and over again.

I became aware not of words but of a warmth spreading over my shoulders. A comfort. A safety. All will be well and all will be well and all manner of things will be well. My muscles relaxed and I leaned into the warmth that was a graceful gift of trust to listen unafraid.

Many more moments of silence and breath and banishing thoughts and my back began to ache. I waited for the chime so I could stand and move about. Oh right, I thought, listen only for the stuff that feels good. If I listen to the warmth I need to also listen to the ache. It is a familiar ache. Heavy. Back-breaking. You cannot carry this alone.

In the place beyond words Godde invited me to a way of being. Invited me to trust. And it felt like leaning back into a strong wave and riding it to shore.

When I listened, really listened, when I cut out my internal chatter and stop looking for solutions answers took a back seat to how Godde is calling me to be in the world. No matter the issue. No matter the problem.

When I listen for Godde with my body I feel like I am on solid ground.

It is a center. A grace. A Way.

And it is something to which Godde invites us all. When we trust ourselves to listen open-hearted, trusting in the beauty of how we are created and the wisdom that we are connected with the Creator we can hear Godde in our very cells.

Sunday I released the cacophony of words and fears and the need for answers and my body hummed with the Word of Godde.