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Mary Jane Miller is a Byzantine style iconographer with over 3 decades of experience, born in New York and living in San Miguel Allende, Mexico full time. Her collections of sacred art are contemporary, with a proficient command of egg tempera. The work is extraordinarily rich in style and has been exhibited in museums and churches in both the United States and Mexico. Her fine art and iconography blog posts are a step towards fresh ways to see the divine in all things.

Miller believes there is nowhere you can go where there is no finger of God represent. From the tops of mountains to the war-torn ravages of famine and climate disasters, we are not alone. The earth is here as a constant; we can be assured that perfect love will and always has sustained it.

As an author, Miller blends historical content and personal insights to arrive at contemporary conclusions about faith. Her six self-published books include Iconography and Mediation , The Mary Collection, In Light of Women, and The Stations of the Cross. Miller has been published online and in publications such as Divine Temple, Russian Orthodox Journal, Faith and Forum Magazine, Liturgy Today and Profiles of Catholicism. She teaches 4 courses annually, 5-day immersion workshops throughout the US and Mexico. 




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