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Meijun Fan, Ph.D was a professor at Beijing Normal University for more than ten years. Now she is the co-director of the China Project at the Center for Process Studies, Claremont; and the program director of the Institute for Postmodern Development of China. She completed her doctoral studies at Beijing Normal University and master program at Peking University. Her areas of specialty include Chinese traditional aesthetics, process philosophy and aesthetical education. Her works often has a perspective of Daoism. She has authored several books including: Aesthetic Development of Children (1990), Beauty in Human Life (1993), Contemporary Interpretation of Chinese Traditional Aesthetic (1997), The Popular Aesthetics in Qing Dynasty (2001), and The Second Enlightenment with Zhihe Wang (2011).         Some of her more recent articles include: “Survival of the Harmonious: Toward a Constructive Postmodern Harmonious Civilization.” Marxism and Reality 6(2012); “Traditional Chinese View of Plants and Its Relevance” in Living Traditions and Universal Conviviality. eds. Roland Faber & Santiago Slabodsky(Cambridge Scholars Press, 2014); “The Contributions of Chinese Yin-Yang Thinking to the Contemporary Dialogue Between Science and Religion.” Balkan Journal of Philosophy 2 (2014);     “The Best of America Has been Eclipsed by the Worst Features of Modernity--A Dialogue with American Process Philosopher Stephen Rowe”  in Guangming Daily April 16,2014; “An All-round Exploration of Ecological Civilization” in Comparative Economic & Social Systems   4(2014);"Toward a Complementary Consciousness and Mutual Flourishing of Chinese and Western Cultures: The Contributions of Process Philosophers" with Zhihe Wang in Philosophy East and West 1 (2015);  “The Second Enlightenment as an Aesthetic Enlightenment and its Relevance” in the Balkan Journal of Philosophy 2 (2015); “A Preliminary Study on Whitehead’s Aesthetics” in Jiangsu Social Sciences 3 (2015): and "Human Beings are Relational Beings: Viewing Seven Days from a Process Perspective" with Marjorie Suchocki in Process Perspectives 1 (2017); “Exploring a New Kind of Higher Education with Chinese Characteristics”  in The American Journal of Economics and Sociology (May 2017).
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