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Six Sessions Exploring Universal God Identity In the Biblical Narrative Through the Lenses of Integral Consciousness and Process Theology

WHO: Doug King and Sheri D. Kling

WHAT: Six Online Sessions

WHEN:Follow your own schedule

WHERE: Online via Zoom

In this six-session course, Doug King (founder of Presence International) and Sheri Kling (director of Process & Faith) will guide students through an exploration of integral consciousness and spiral dynamics using integral and process theologies to reveal the message of universal God identity in the Judeo-Christian biblical narrative.

“The convergence of quantum physics, evolutionary biology and ecology are pointing to an underlying field of unity. If God is all in all, how would the Biblical Narrative align with these scientific findings?”
-Doug King

Course Description

Both process thought and integral consciousness provide a developmental approach to the evolution of human consciousness. Process philosophy and theology have been used as life-giving tools in interpretation of the biblical narrative and this course will investigate the use of integral consciousness models as complementary to biblical interpretation as well. Our primary question will be whether the biblical narrative has always been evolving toward and into universal God identity. The implications of the possible answers to that question can dramatically affect the future of long held Christian views of identity. This is especially true if the biblical narrative points to something beyond separation thinking with regard to identity.

In this course, we will use models like Spiral Dynamics to trace biblical history, finding meaning both in its original setting and as a process story of the evolution of spiritual consciousness with regard to God identity. Spiral Dynamics uses a two-tier framework, and we’ll begin by seeing how it is applied to various fields of study. Next, we’ll apply this approach to the biblical narrative, examining each first-tier level or stage and comparing it to biblical history. Then we’ll look at Tier 2 and the development of integral consciousness as a unitive step. As we go, we’ll build on the principles behind the process to see how each level or stage of development produces necessary values that become part of a “transcend and include” understanding of identity. Finally, we’ll explore the implications of process or developmental models for religion itself, particularly the religion of Christianity and its future. The possibilities are literally world changing.

Course Outline

  • Session 1: Introduction: Spiral Dynamics and the Biblical Narrative
  • Session 2: Archaic, Tribal, Identity & Separation
  • Session 3: Warrior, Traditional, and the Seeds of Integral
  • Session 4: Modern, Postmodern, and Second Tier
  • Session 5: Christology and Eschatology, Form and Transform
  • Session 6: Universal God Identity

“There is a unity in the universe, enjoying value and (by its immanence) sharing value. When we survey nature and think however flitting and superficial has been the animal enjoyment of its wonders, and when we realize how incapable the separate cells and pulsations of each flower are of enjoying the total effect – then our sense of the value of the details for the totality dawns upon our consciousness. This is the intuition of holiness, the intuition of the sacred, which is at the foundation of all religion.”
-Alfred North Whitehead

About the Instructors


Doug King is CEO of Presence International, a growing network that engages emergent, integral, and interspiritual organizations and idea leaders to facilitate a “global conversation for a new earth.” Doug is steeped in biblical scholarship and worked alongside his father Max King to develop Presence to offer events, a podcast, and other teaching resources.


Sheri D. Kling, Ph.D., is the director of Process and Faith with the Center for Process Studies of the Claremont School of Theology and director of the John Cobb Legacy Fund. In her teaching and writing, Sheri draws from wisdom and mystical traditions, relational worldviews, depth psychology, and the intersection of spirituality and science to help people transform their lives. She is a faculty member of the Haden Institute, the author of A Process Spirituality: Christian and Transreligious Resources for Transformation, and can be found online at

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