Ostara/Spring Equinox

The egg (and all seeds) contains 'all potential', full of promise and new life. It symbolises the rebirth of nature, the fertility of the Earth and all creation. In many traditions the egg is a symbol for the whole universe. The 'cosmic' egg contains a balance of male and female, light and dark, in the egg yolk and egg white. The golden orb of the yolk represents the Sun God enfolded by the White Goddess, perfect balance, so it is particularly appropriate to Ostara and the Spring Equinox when all is in balance for just a moment, although the underlying energy is one of growth and expansion.

A point of perfect balance on the journey through the Wheel of the Year. Night and day are of equal length and in perfect equilibrium - dark and light, masculine and feminine, inner and outer, in balance. Ostara, which falls on the equinox, is a concrescence, the many becoming one. But once we step forward into the wheel of the year, we are faced with new possibilities. The many become one and are increased by one. The year is now waxing and at this moment light defeats the dark. The natural world is coming alive, the Sun is gaining in strength and the days are becoming longer and warmer. The gentle whispered promise of Imbolc is fulfilled in the evident and abundant fertility of the Earth at Ostara. It is time for the hopes of Imbolc to become action. The energy is expansive and exuberant. It is the first day of Spring!


Franz Xaver Winterhalter
20th April, 1805 - 8th June, 1873


sprouting! Becoming! K. Reeves


Basket of Ostara eggs belonging to Kathleen Reeves

danu (1)

A Spring Goddess in the garden.  K. Reeves

Planting Seeds

There is a natural antidepressant and It’s a Mycobacterium vaccae bacteria found in the soil that humans ingest or inhale when they spend time in nature and gardening. This bacteria stimulates the brain part responsible for producing serotonin. The most passionate gardeners will tell you that their garden is their “happy place” and that the actual physical act of gardening reduces stress and lifts mood. Mycobacterium vaccae also improves cognitive function, it has an effect on Crohn’s disease and even rheumatoid arthritis. The natural effects of these antidepressant bacteria in the soil can be felt for up to 3 weeks.

As the beginning of spring Ostara is a good time to literally and figuratively plant seeds for the future. What you plant during Ostara will be ready to be harvested during the coming summer months and the sabbats of, Litha and Lughnasadh.
It's great if you have the space to plant a garden. Either way, the planting of seeds should also be symbolic. What do you wish to create during the solar year? Plant symbolic seeds for this project and nurture it until it's ready to be harvested.
druid (1)

Ostara ritual in the garden. K. Reeves


“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” ~Percy Bysshe Shelley,

Spring Cleaning
Ostara is a time to freshen up our home and life. To take time to clean and the Cleaning isn't just limited to home. The broom came out at Imbolc and began the cleansing.  Now at Ostara, we begin deep spring cleaning. We can think of it as clearing the way for new possibilities. When our space and mind is clear, we can see the possibilities much better.
During this deep cleaning we want to clean areas where we spend time;
car, computer, work, office, shed, and relationships. Visualization for inner cleaning can be done.

Step Through the Portal

Our group made a portal out of a Hula-hoop. We covered it with flowers and we have guardians holding each side of it in a horizonal position. During the ritual, as someone approaches, it is lifted to be vertical. The person steps forward and portal is lifted over their head and returned to the horizontal position. This leaves the person standing in the center of the portal as it is held by the guardians. Once the person has visualized the balance of the night and day, they nod. Then the opposite side of the portal is lifted and the person steps out into the increasing light of longer days.

wand (1)
Grace May 2021
Blessed Ostara and Beltane,
as the sun shines and the earth rains,
let me let go.Let me cleanse my feet in fresh soil
and kiss the wind with my whispers.
Let the world take it all from me
so I may bloom anew.

Spring Chant
By Ivo Dominguez, Jr

Joy In The Gold Buds Of Spring. Passion In The Greening Leaf
Joy In The Rising Day. Passion Neath The Glowing Moon
Come Swelling Tides Of Spring. Fill Me With The Promise Of Green

Spring Fertility Chant
by: Jennifer Reif

Mother and father of all growing things
Unto my being your golden love bring
Bless this seed to fulfill its design
Of leaf and fruit, of blossom and vine

Come, Follow Me
by John Hilton

Part I:
Come, follow, follow, follow,
Follow, follow, follow me.

Part II:
Whither shall I follow, follow, follow,
Whither shall I follow, follow thee.

Part III:
To the greenwood, to the greenwood,
To the greenwood, greenwood tree.

Ostara Ritual



Welcome & Introduction:

Ostara or the Spring Equinox, is an enchanted borderline time outside of time where a magical sea joins dark and light. From this moment on, the sun begins its journey into Summer. Its light and warmth overtake the darkness of winter until its power peaks at the Summer Solstice in June.


Ostara is a time of new fire. The light and dark are in perfect balance, but the light is growing, and the Sun is about to burst forth with new energy. It is a season of fertility ad growth.


The mythologies of our ancestors tell us many stories of deities whose lives began anew at Ostara, when they were restored to us from the dark underworld which had captured them. Tonight, we celebrate the renewal of our Mother Earth and the renewal of our own lives at this sacred spring season. As we are renewed, we thank the darkness of the underworld before we are reborn into the newness of Light and Peace.

Blessed be the dark — We welcome the light


Key actions to keep in mind during this time include openings and new beginnings. Spell work for improving communication and group interaction are recommended, as well as prosperity and abundance. Ostara is a good time to start putting those plans you made at Imbolc into action. Start working towards manifesting your plans now. The common colors associated with Ostara are lemon yellow, pale green and pink, and all

bright spring flower colors.


Blessing the Circle:

One by one, as you take the hands of the one sitting to your left, say to them: “I welcome the beauty of spring within you. Blessed be.”


Introit and Chant: 


Darkness creeps away as the earth is reborn

Where one life has withered another will form

The wheel turns again to welcome in spring

Arise and receive the new gifts it shall bring


Antiphonal Chant:

Gaia rising, Gaia rising

Mother of love, Mother of life

Gaia rising, Gaia rising

Mother of all, we heed your call


Calling the Directions: All Face in the direction as it is called



Winged One, Spirit of Air,

your children invite you here.

Come on the winds of the sunrise,

Give us your vision clear.

You are the gentle spring breezes,

You are the glory of flight.
Winged One, Spirit of Air,
Give us wisdom throughout our rite.



Fierce One, Spirit of Fire,
Your children invite you here.
Come with your blazing noon passion,
Banish all sorrow and fear.
You are the flickering candle,
You are the bonfire bright.
Fierce One, Spirit of Fire,
Give us courage throughout our rite.



Swift One, Spirit of Water,

Your children invite you here.

Come on the waves of the sunset

Bring to us joy and good cheer.

You are the well of deep comfort,
You are the crashing waves height.
Swift One, Spirit of Water,
Give us security through our rite.


Vibrant One, Spirit of Earth,

Your children invite you here.

Come from the mountains of midnight,

You balance the Wheel of the Year.

You are the field of our pleasure,
You are the source of our might.

Vibrant One, Spirit of Earth,
Give us vitality throughout our rite.



          Radiant One, eternal Spirit

Your children invite you here

Come from the vastness of the Akasha

You enlighten when you appear

You are the mysterious auric glow,

You are the source of our inner light.

          Radiant one, Undying spirit

Grant us serenity throughout our rite.



          Goddess of the Moon and all its blessings,

Goddess of the restless sea,

Mother, we who are your children, call you

Mother with a thousand voices

Ever waxing, ever waning,

Come if you will to our circle tonight,

Hail and welcome



          God of the green and shadowed forest

God of the Wild Hunt

We who are your children, call you.

Father with the voices of the beasts and trees

Ever growing, ever dying

Come if you will to our circle tonight,

Hail and welcome





Equal is the light and dark

We with these words our circle mark

As warm sunlight greens the earth,

The Maiden dances now with Mirth

In the names of the Goddess and God of Spring

And the ever turning wheel,

By Earth and Air and Fire and Water,

This circle is cast!

We are between the worlds

May this circle be set apart for our holy purpose.



Through the dark Earth new hope is rising

In the dark of human souls all hate is melting

As gentle as the rain falling we call for Earth healing

As the spring waters rise, so does pure feeling

And all upon this land there is a clearing

Of pollution and greed – now disappearing

For the sake of peace and purification

So may it be in every nation.



We walk the earth in friendship, not in dominance.

Maiden Goddess, instill within us a warmth for all living things.

Teach us to revere the Earth and all its treasures.

Teach us the perseverance of seeds in winter

And hope for a better world

May we never forget.

Give us wisdom that what we do here will be for our good and for the good of the Earth and humanity.  So mote it be.


Passing through the Portal of Spring:


On the back table, to the East is a basket of colored eggs.  To the West, is another table on which you’ll find colored Post-it notes and pencils. After the poem is read, Go to the Eastern table(Table of the Goddess) and choose a colored egg, then go to the Western table( Table of the God) and write something(s) that is important for you to carry into the Bright times through the Portal of Spring.


As the Sun prepares to enter Spring, It pauses for a moment on the threshold, looking, not back toward the dark times, but forward towards Summer. Let us, too, pause for a moment on that threshold. Are there things we wish to leave behind? Are there things we wish to bring forward into the new Springtime ahead of us, where new pursuits and ideas are of the very air?. Step into the portal and firmly holding your Magical Egg, take a moment to separate these things, one from the other, then, with a nod to the Guardians, step through into the brightness and beauty of Spring, carrying with you only the strengths, treasures and intentions you bring from the winter, as well as the memory of its nurturing Darkness. .

Will the guardians of the Portal please take their places.


Poem:  Ostara


The Horned God holds a lily tight,

Yet softly to his breast

He hears his lover call to him

And smells her sweet unrest


Bounding on through day and night

He moves at her behest,

And longs to fill to very brim

The chalice in her nest


The Maiden pines for her young Lord

And falls into a dream.

Then slumber turns her love into

A softly flowing stream


The Queen of Cups and King of swords

Unite as new love beams.

As lilies sprout and bud anew

And a new world softly gleam


Opening the Circle  (Call and response) leader and All


Eve of work and night of pleasure

Gratitude circles, now, full measure

Forest Lord and Moonlight’s daughter

Earth and Air and Fire and Water

Bless this company as we leave,

Love to each unto their need

Blessings from our Goddess rain

Until we come to meet again


Farewell to wintery spirits and friends,

On morrow we greet the spirits of spring

Our blessings to thee as your way we


And merry we’ll meet next winter again.


As all good things must sometimes end

Go forth with the love the Goddess sends

For if your heart is always true

This circle will come back to you


Sing: The Circle is Open (Peace, Love, Joy)