“It is growing cold. Winter is putting footsteps in the meadow. What whiteness boasts that sun that comes into this wood! One would say milk-colored maidens are dancing on the petals of orchids. How coldly burns our sun! One would say its rays of light are shards of snow, one imagines the sun lives upon a snow crested peak on this day. One would say she is a woman who wears a gown of winter frost that blinds the eyes. Helplessness has weakened me. Wandering has wearied my legs.” ― Roman Payne

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Hope~ Possibilities~ First stirrings of Spring

At opening of February, Groundhogs check to see if the world is ready for them to rejoin from the long hibernation….or maybe they are checking to see if they are ready for the world.

At Imbolc, sheep began to lactate in preparation for birthing lambs. Their milk brings nourishment after the long winter…it is the first sign that a new world is becoming. It is the hope that comes after a long difficult winter. The earth is stirring with the first flowers, they poke their hopeful heads through the soil and remind us that nothing stays the same. Everything is becoming. And we are part of the great becoming.

As we take a step further into our year, the nights may be getting shorter, but they still feel long. And it’s cold. I’m not ready to emerge from my warm nest quite yet, but I’m getting close.

We have learned that we rest in that dark… and we have much to rest from. Like me, you may, have felt like you were carrying the world on your shoulders, holding your breath for that return of spring and for a better world. This is a time of hope.

The last few years, have been difficult ones, but so much of what has been happening these last few years, is calling us to respond and make changes for the common good.

The element that is necessary, the fuel that takes us in that direction, is hope.

Hope is found in the first milk of sheep and the birth of the lamb, in the candle flame that lights the darkness and awakens us to spring, It is found in the customs of our country restored, and in the voice of a young poet in a yellow coat,

Hope is found in the ideals that we strive to achieve. But we must be active, and plant the seeds for the world we are hoping into being, tend them tenderly. We have learned that we are needed. What will you do with your new spring day?

Hope is found in our knowledge that the world is in constant motion and seasons change. Hold tight to hope; it is the fuel that will guide us toward a better world. That is Imbolc. We see the bits of green poking through the snow. It's a metaphor for our possibilities.

Hope answers the call and recognizes the invitation. Hope is a gift that lights the way for possibilities, for our action….for our becoming.

The Goddess Brighid

She was, and continues to be, known by many names. Referred to as Bride, Bridey, Brighid, Brigit, Briggidda, Brigantia. Brigid is the traditional patroness of healing, poetry and smithcraft. She is associated with the flame and well water. As a solar deity Her attributes are light, inspiration and all skills associated with fire. She is a Goddess of inner healing and vital energy.

At Imbolc, sometimes called Brighid, we often light flames, ask the Goddess to bless the waters and we make corn dollys. 

Winter nights
Give way to light
As fires brightly burn
The corn doll dressed
And Bridget blessed
As the seasons wheel doth turn

Hope is bright
Fires ignite
And seeds will gently wake
The maiden’s hand
Will bless the land
As winters spell doth break

So light your flame
And call her name;
The maiden with her bring
All crowned in light
Bridget bright
Brings promise
of the spring


Make a Brighid Corn Dolly

In one of her many aspects, Brighid is known as the bride. She is a symbol of fertility and good fortune, and is seen as yet one more step in the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Traditionally, the Brighid doll is made of woven grain such as oats, corn husk or wheat.

We place the corn dolly bride in a bed with an acorn or phallic symbol in hopes she will become pregnant with possibilities.

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Brighid corn dollys.


A Ritual for Imbolc: Celebration of The Return of the Light 

Purification with water sprinkled from a pine branch: All please gather outside


 Bright blessings at Imbolc to all

Brighid has returned with the sacred flame.

Watching over home and hearth.

This is a time of rebirth and fertility,

And as the earth grows full of life,

May you find abundance on your own path.

Imbolc is the season of new life,

And a time to celebrate the nurturing and warmth of Brighid.


Process in and Please take a candle from the basket

You will be spritzed  With blessed water from Brighid’s well as you enter


Person with the besom sweeps completely around the altar ahead of the procession and continues until it had turned 3 times.

 The besom swings, the world doth turn and any evil shall return from whence it came this space I claim! So mode it be!

 The besom swings, the world doth turn and any evil shall return from whence it came this space I claim! So mode it be!

 The besom swings, the world doth turn and any evil shall return from whence it came this space I claim! So mode it be!


Now, come and allow the warmth of Brighid’s hearth

To embrace you.

Allow the light of her flame

To guide you.

Invite the love of her blessing

To protect you.

we welcome this light, born at the Winter Solstice


Casting the Circle: facilitator with tambourine dances to each direction starting in the East., pausing at each for the spoken words.

East: We greet you, East!

All: We greet you East


South: We greet you, South

All: We greet you, South


West: We greet you, West

All: We greet you, West


North: We greet you North

All: We greet you, North


Invoking Brighid:


We welcome you, Brighid, on this eve

We ask for your blessing, new life to receive

O Mother of Poetry, teach us your art

That your inspiration may enter each heart

O Mistress of Magic who stands by the fire

And shapes the bright metal to the form you desire

O Mother of Smith-craft, please teach us your art

That the power of changing may enter each heart.

You kindle the springtime to quicken the earth

From under your mantle the old has new birth,

O Mother of Healing, please teach us your art,

That peace and contentment may enter each heart.

Blessed Be


Brighid Speaks:


Behold, I come in answer to your call

I bring healing, inspiration and renewal

I guard the flame that I have nurtured through the dark

It now burns brightly upon your altar

Let all who would receive my blessing

Keep the fire burning,

In your hearts, in your spirits and in your lives

For I am Brighid of the Green mantle

And I bring you deep peace, deep peace

All: Blessed be 


Facilitator dances around the altar then places the tambourine around the Brighid Candle,


Our circle is cast, we are between the worlds.

The Wheel of the Year is a cycle of death and rebirth. Night gives way to day, winter gives way to spring.Everything passes, all fades away, and yet life returns.


The story of the Bridget candle:  

The sacred flame of Brighid continues to burn brightly at Kildare in Ireland. For thousands of years the flame burned in her honor tended by nineteen priestesses dedicated to Brighid.


With the coming of Christianity, the people simply continued to worship her as St. Bridget, and her sacred flame continued to burn brightly in her honor until the suppression of the monasteries in the 16th century.


On February 1, 2006, St. Brigid’s Day, or Imbolc, the flame was perpetually lit in the town square.


The candle on our altar tonight carries Brighid’s flame. It was lighted from the actual sacred flame. Because her magic is transferred through the wick, any candle lit from this one, or from those lit from it, become Brighid candles. Many candles were lighted from the sacred fires at Kildare, and now they have passed their magic to countless other candles burning throughout the world. Tonight, as you light your candle, imagine the flame of Brighid spreading even more throughout the world, bringing beauty, love, and inspiration to all who receive her flame.

East. lights their candle. from the Bridget candle The flame is  then passed deosil from one to the other,  around the circle as we all sing, candle is placed on a ledge in the sanctuary.

(The unlighted candle should be lit from the lighted one, so as not to spill wax)



(To the tune of “We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder)


We are lighting Bridget’s candles

We are lighting Bridget’s candles

We are lighting Bridget’s candles

Keepers of the Flame


Every flame glows brighter, brighter

Every flame glows brighter, brighter

Every flame glows brighter, brighter

Keepers of the flame


If you love Her, why not serve Her?

If you love Her, why not serve her?

If you love Her, why not serve Her?

Keepers of the flame


Send Her light throughout the world

Send Her light throughout the world

Sent Her light throughout the world

Keepers of the flame


Magic circle  ‘round the fire

Magic circle ‘round the fire

Magic circle ’round the fire

Keepers of the flame


We are lighting Bridget’s candles

We are lighting Bridget’s candles

We are lighting Bridget’s candles

Keepers of the flame

Short Meditation   

For a moment, look at our blazing candles. This is the Blessed Light of our Lady Brighid, Goddess of music, poetry, healing and the forge. Let your focus soften, as you gaze, and allow pictures of her to form in your mind.


Silence for 1 min.


I charge you to carry Her image in your heart, carry Her light, and bring Her love of music, poetry and beauty into a world, which sorely needs it.  Blessed Be


Facilitator: Extinguishes the Bridget candle, leaving the altar candles burning. She picks up tambourine, and says:

Lady of the growing light, we thank you for your gift of Spring. Farewell and Blessed be!

strikes tambourine 3 times.

All: Farewell and Blessed be!


North: Spirits of North, thank you for your presence here. Farewell and Blessed be!

All:Farewell and Blessed Be. (hit tambourine 3 times)


West: Spirits of West, thank you for your presence here.

All:Farewell and Blessed Be.( hit tambourine 3 times)

South: Spirits of South, thank you for your presence here. Farewell and Blessed be!


All: Farewell and Blessed Be.( hit tambourine 3 times)


East:  Spirits of East, thank you for or your presence here. Farewell and Blessed be!

All: Farewell and Blessed Be.( hit tambourine 3 times)


Protect the flame that warms your dreams, and and your dreams shall never die.


All sing: (Three times)

    The circle is open, yet unbroken

    May the love of the Goddess be ever in our hearts

    Merry meet, and merry, part

    And merry meet again.


Let us join together in friendship and celebration with a feast!