Prayer for Border Justice

by Jeanyne Slettom

Copyright: This prayer was written by Jeanyne Slettom, Ph.D. and is made available through Process & Faith, a program of the Center for Process Studies. Used by permission.

God of the widow and the stranger,
Made known to us in Jesus Christ.
Born as a migrant, exiled as a refugee.
He knew the pain of homelessness,
but taught his friends the meaning and challenge of love.

God of the journey, God of the traveler,
We pray for those who leave their homes 
in search of new beginnings and possibilities.
And for those who seek sanctuary and safety 
from dangers we cannot begin to imagine.

God of transformation and hope, 
We pray for an end to the violence and poverty 
that displaces so many people from their homes and their countries.
We pray for discernment, as a nation, 
as we grapple with the multiple issues of immigration.

In these days of infamy and outrage
We pray for those in detention camps, but for border patrols, as well;
For those who seek sanctuary and those ordered to violate it.
We pray for families separated and for a government
Determined to rule by terror and obscene injustices.
We give thanks for the lawyers and many volunteers
Who are committed to humanitarian intervention and the rule of law.

May we let ourselves be guided by both wisdom and courage,
And, in the midst of our discernment,
May we not cease to practice the respect and compassion of Christ—
That as a country we respect the dignity of all those detained, 
And as individuals we continue the demand for justice and humane treatment— 
That families may be reunited, 
That immigrant workers may labor and live in safe and just conditions,  
That employers and border agents place the dignity and worth of each person 
over profit and power,  
That we speak out against all discrimination, hatred, 
Ineptitude, and exploitation of the vulnerable,
That all people of good will unite to end human trafficking. 

Open our hearts and minds to your guidance, 
as we build communities rooted in hospitality and justice.  

We pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ, 
who welcomed all to his table, 
and who taught us to pray, saying . . . 

Macalester-Plymouth United Church
July 14, 2019