Prayer of Confession for Creation Sunday

Contributed by Brian Brandsmeier
Copyright: This prayer was written by Brian Brandsmeier and is made available through Process & Faith, a program of the Center for Process Studies. Used by permission.

This prayer was written to reflect a process-relational theology.

One: Creator God, in the fullness of time you helped to bring forth the heavens and the earth. You filled the earth with plants, animals, insects, birds, rivers, fjords, and so much more.

All: As you looked upon your Creation you called it “very good.” It is in this “very good” Creation that you have given each of us life – and have invited us to enjoy life abundantly. But sometimes we forget to enjoy the home and life you have given us. So, Gracious One, we pray for your forgiveness.

One: Forgive us for when we haven’t taken time to enjoy listening to a bird sing.

All: Forgive us for when we haven’t appreciated our bodies, the temples of your Spirit.

One: Forgive us for when we haven’t remembered to thank you for the beauty of Creation.

All: Forgive us for when we haven’t more openly shared our emotions with you.

One: Forgive us for when we haven’t acted silly, for no reason other than to have fun.

All: Forgive us for when we have seen a moment to share a laugh, but didn’t.

One: Forgive us for when we have worked hard without taking time for recreation.

All: Forgive us for when we have walked by a purple flower and didn’t notice its beauty.

One: Forgive us for when we have looked up at a starry night sky and failed to be impressed.

All: Forgive us for when we have seen children laughing, but were “too busy” to smile.

One: Hear us, Holy God, as we name other things for which we would like forgiveness and transformation.

[Feel free to name, silently or aloud, the things that hold you back from more fully enjoying God’s gift of life and Creation.]

One: We ask for your forgiveness for these things because you deserve to have the life and world you created to be enjoyed and cherished. So, we ask for your forgiveness because we want your help in changing our lives. Like Jesus, who took the time to pray and revive his spirit during his work for justice, may we also take the time to revive ourselves. Holy God, transform us by, and open us to, your abiding presence, so we may live openly to all life around us.

All: Open us to your abiding presence.

One: Open us to each other.

All: Open us to our own selves.

One: Open us to your Creation.

All: Open us, so we may have more love, hope, joy, and laughter,
to share with you, your beloved people, and your beautiful Creation.

One: Thank you for your transforming grace and joy-inspiring love.

All: Thank you, Holy God.

One: In gratitude, may we live life abundantly with all people, and all Creation.

All: Like Jesus, help us to take time to revive our souls as we strive for justice.

One: Filled with joy and justice, may we be your hope-inspired resurrection community.

All: Creator God, may all that has breath praise and enjoy you forever. Amen!