Prayer of Invocation

By Sharon Rhodes-Wickett

Copyright: This prayer was written by Sharon Rhodes-Wickett and is made available through Process & Faith, a program of the Center for Process Studies. Used by permission.

Creating, beckoning, loving God,
We invoke our heightened attentiveness that you are with us, within us, and beyond us.
We praise you that you never give up on us.
We acknowledge we are a stiff-necked people who get stuck without ever intending it.

So now we breathe in of your life-transforming spirit
and celebrate that you prod and lure us to adventures in living and ministry
that are beyond what we can imagine.

You, who patiently await our willingness to trust you, offer a deep well of living water, forever springing up.
Open us up! Help us to see in all your creation your intention for diversity.
Help us to hear in all languages your desire for beloved community.
Help us to embrace and understand in all expressions of faithfulness how wide is your love, grace, and vision.
We open ourselves to your prompting . . .
to your grace . . .
to your heart.

Oh how you love all you are creating.
We are grateful O Holy One.  Amen.