Prayer: Teach us Your Ways…

Contributed by Bill Matson
Copyright: This prayer was written by Bill Matson and is made available through Process & Faith, a program of the Center for Process Studies. Used by permission.

Creating God, with an engaging spirit you never fail to meet us where we are, ever faithful while calling us into each tomorrow with the excitement and adventure of new possibilities. As we greet this new day, facing realities we find overwhelming, let us not be burdened with a sense of hopelessness and despair. Teach us your ways, O God. Grace us with the courage, strength and hopefulness to meet and engage this day exactly as we find it. Teach us your ways. May the challenge of this new day embolden our resolve to live ever more faithfully while seeking truth and justice. Teach us your ways. Let our voices be well-tuned and persuasive as we speak and sing of a creation saturated with your love and transforming presence. May we learn well from the faithfulness of your engagement, O God, as we seek to co-create with you a world that is welcoming, safe and a place of well-being for all of creation. Amen.