Process Pop-Up: Faith & Feeling

Process Pop Up: Faith & Feeling with Chad Bahl

In both process thought and Schleiermacher’s philosophy, the essence of existence is not lifeless matter or dogmatic precepts. Rather, it is lived experience. In this lived experience, we are interconnected both as human beings and in fellowship with the Divine. In this Pop-Up, Chad Bahl will explore faith and feeling through the lens of Schleiermacher and Whitehead.

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Process Pop-Up: God Will be All in All

Process Pop Up: God Will be All in All with Anna Case-Winters

In this event, Dr. Case-Winters will explore these themes as well as the provoking questions that  arise with our affirmation that “God is with us.” How can we believe “God is with us” when there is so much suffering and evil in the world?  When we make this affirmation what do we mean by “us”?  Do we mean “just us Christians”?

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Process Pop-Up: The Diabolical Trinity

Process Pop-Up: The Diabolical Trinity with Mark Karris

In this Pop-Up, Dr. Mark Karris will discuss the religious trauma caused by the unholy trinity of traumatizing beliefs in a tormenting Hell, a wrathful God, and human depravity and how such beliefs are traumatizing for individuals and have led to abandonment of the church.

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Process Pop-Up: Deconstructing Hell

In this online event, we’ll explore why Chad and his coauthors of Deconstructing Hell argue that perhaps no modern church dogma has been more destructive to the mission of Jesus, created more atheists, or generated more religious trauma than that of eternal conscious torment (ECT) for the non-believer.

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Process Thinking & Human Living

In this 3-hour, online seminar, speakers from Process & Faith, a program of the Center for Process Studies of Claremont School of Theology will explore aspects of process thought that make a positive difference in human life and in the life of the earth.

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