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Are there particular Buddhist texts that exemplify the process approach?

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Buddhism already has a strong process flavor, or so some people say.  So what teachings might be good "entry points" for connecting to process thinking?

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I have done Zen for 40 years.  At the beginning of most services, we recite the bodhisattva's vow....three times, then go to Sutras, etc.

The many beings are without number. I vow to save them all

Greed, hatred, and anger abound, I vow to abandon them.

Dharma gates are without number, I vow to wake to them.

Buddha's way is without error, I vow to embrace it fully.

I found on Wikipedia another form that adds some more of the underlaying mystique

My own self I will place in Suchness, and, so that all the world might be helped, I will place all beings into Suchness, and I will lead to Nirvana the whole immeasurable world of beings.

The sutra further states that "with that intention should a Bodhisattva undertake all the exercises which bring about all the wholesome roots. But he should not boast about them."