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What Caused the Big Bang?

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My book, WHAT CAUSED THE BIG BANG?, was originally published by Rodopi, which later merged with Brill. Very few people have read it because books by these publishers are usually too expensive for most people to buy. I have recently paid Brill a good sum of money to make this book available to everyone as a free Open Access book. Anyone can now download it free by going to https://brill.com/view/title/31133?rskey=XLBC2D&result=1 and clicking on "Download PDF" in the upper right corner.

            I believe that this book would be of great interest to most if not all of those involved with PROCESS & FAITH. It is 412 pages in length. The first two thirds or so of it is a thorough, severe, and at times somewhat difficult, philosophical analysis and critique of atheistic naturalistic answers to “What caused the Big Bang?.” Most contemporary astrophysicists accept one of the following non-theistic accounts of the origin of the Big Bang, all of which obviously conflict with process theism: Steady State, Plasma, Oscillationist, Big Fizz, Big Divide, Quantum Observership, Big Accident, Atheistic Anthropic, and Plenitude cosmologies. The last third or so of the book develops a highly plausible theistic process cosmology which includes creation ex nihilo. Most process theists today accept some version of Oscillationist cosmology, which I show to be seriously defective. I propose that process theists should seriously reconsider creation ex nihilo. Astrophysists committed to Oscillationism usually use it to avoid theism altogether.

Rem B. Edwards