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Process Concepts for final discussion

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Good morning all - Please feel free to add, comment or suggest here.  Just captured what I could from our last rich conversation.  

Fallacy of Misplaced Concreteness - mistaking the abstract for the concrete (51 - Science in the Modern World ANW)

Satisfaction - "The final phase in the process of concrescence, constituting an actual entity, is one complex, fully determinate feeling.  This final phase is termed 'satisfaction'.  It is fully determinate (a) as to its genesis, (b) as to its objective character for the transcendent creativity, and (c) as to its prehension - positive or negative - of every item in its universe."  (25-26 PR)

Time:  "A duration is a complete locus of actual occasions in 'unison of becoming,' or in 'concrescent unison.'  It is the old-fashioned 'present state of the world.'  In reference to a given duration, D, the actual world is divided into three mutually exclusive loci.  One of these loci is the duration D itself.  Another of these loci is composed of actual occasions which lie in the past of some members of D;  this locus si the 'past of the duration D.'  The remaining locus is composed of actual occasion which lie in the future of some members of D:  this locus is the 'future of the duration D.'"  (PR  320)

Nexus - any particular fact of togetherness among actual entities  is called nexus (20 PR)

Proposition: (51 PR) "....a proposition is a complex entity which stands between the eternal objects and the actual occasions.  Compared to eternal objects a proposition share in the concrete particularity of actual occasions;  and compared to actual occasions a proposition shares in the abstract generality of eternal objects.  Finally, it must be remembered that the propositions enter into experience in other ways than through judgement-feelings."